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Privacy Policy

The Wilson Vineyard is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals, in accordance with the National Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000. The company will take reasonable steps to ensure all personal information required for the purposes of conducting business is collected, used and stored appropriately.

Collection of information

The Wilson Vineyard will only collect information necessary for the company to carry out its functions and activities. The company shall make clear why collection of the information is necessary, how it will be used, if it will be disclosed to any third party, and the rights of the individual to access their information and correct it if necessary.

Primarily, The Wilson Vineyard collects personal information to supply customers with products ordered. Types of personal information that The Wilson Vineyard will collect include the customers name, address, phone numbers, and credit card details for the processing of mail order purchases. This information may be disclosed to a third party, being a courier or mail delivery service, for the purpose of completion of the purchase. This information is then stored securely to ensure ease and consistency with future purchases, and provide the customer with a purchase history if requested.

The Wilson Vineyard may also collect personal information for secondary purposes, for example to provide individuals with news and information regarding Wilson Vineyard products and promotions, and to respond to queries lodged on the Wilson Vineyard website. The Wilson Vineyard will only provide this information if it is specifically requested via a web page query or by ticking the box on the Wilson Vineyard order form.

Use and disclosure of information

Information collected shall only be used for the express purpose it was collected for, unless the individual indicates their information may be used for another (specified) reason. The Wilson Vineyard will not disclose the information to any third parties unless necessary for the completion of an individuals order (e.g. delivery service), and unless the individual has been made aware.

Data Security

The Wilson Vineyard will make reasonable attempts to ensure personal information supplied is correct and up to date; and will protect personal information from misuse or loss by keeping all details secure and inaccessible to the general public and employees who do not need access to the information.

Access and Correction

The Wilson Vineyard will provide access to the personal information stored on an individual if reasonably requested, for the purpose of verification and/or correction, and without compromising the security of other individuals’ personal information. Should an individual request their personal information be destroyed and cease to be collected, The Wilson Vineyard will comply with this request.

The Wilson Vineyard adheres to the ADMA code of practice at all times.